Sample Projects Cont’d

As Manager of Contracts Engineering and Special Project Manager for a major elevator manufacturing company our firms’ President was involved in design, manufacturing, field support, and co-ordination of thousands of passenger and freight elevators of several designs both hydraulic and electric.

Included below are just a few samples of said Projects:

- GTAA (Greater Toronto Airport Authority) included 48 Hydraulic, & 14  custom Electric, Passenger and 3:1 roped Freight Cars.

- Stora North America, Nova Scotia – (Cema 4X Freight Cars.)

- Toronto General Hospital – (Geared & Gearless)

- Casinos in Windsor, Rama, Hull, & Montreal. 

- The White House Wash. D.C., Class B (motor vehicle) freight

- Carousel Mall in Syracuse NY, four observation elevators featured in the Elevator World      

- Getty Centre Ca, 3 class C-2, 12000 Kg. electric freight elevators. 

- Co-Op City N.Y, 174 car modernization project

- Toronto Transit Commission

Please click here for details and photos of the above projects: