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Thank you for your time to review this letter regarding compliance with the “Best Practices Guideline” for elevator machinery as posted by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.
I am personally well aware of the requirements, issues and misconceptions surrounding this document as I was an active contributor to its resolve. In fact, I had written a substantial portion of the section regarding component guarding and 90% of the photographs are from our files.

I was encouraged by the director of the T.S.S.A. to join this EDAC task force as our independent component guarding system was viewed as the an ideal solution to this controversial issue, a view also shared with the Ministry of Labour senior representatives.
We have been providing independent component guarding since 2005 and have had the Ministry of Labour inspectors and engineers review our products, with positive comments. We have also received high praise from several mechanics on the design and relatively easy access and retained safety integrity.

Our PATENTED machine guards are produced by utilizing precision laser cut components and finished in appropriate powder coated colours.

Our independent component design also allows for visual inspection of basic safety components without removal of any guard which ensures a higher level of safety for the public and also takes into consideration the natural human habits that often circumvent safety procedures by protecting dangerous nip points even when the main inspection cover(s) are removed. With our independent component design the mechanic can concentrate on working on the brakes or rope gripper without being exposed to the dangerous nip and shearing points of the traction sheave.

Other approaches such as “global or bird cage” take up valuable space in the machine room that often impedes actual legal working spaces and required clearances. They also require a pendant control station, or other secondary protection, associated rewiring of the controller and a high level of due diligence on the part of the worker to maintain a reasonable level of safety.

Our independent component design has been well received by the Ministry of Labour and TSSA representatives on the aforementioned committee. To quote the MOL representative “nothing protects the worker better that a true mechanical nip guard” as referenced in the final summation of the MOL lawsuit against Dofasco Inc.

Once again, thank you in advance for any opportunity to quote and if you require any further information please contact our office at : 905-723-9425.


Best Regards,
Telford D. John


EMAIL: guards@tjaelevator.com

TSSA Consultant license # 028103