We offer a complete range of services for Architects, Building Owners, Developers and Property Managers such as:

Preparation of specifications for electric and hydraulic elevators for new kjor existing installations.
On-site field surveys and modernization proposals.
Design information including elevator hoistway sizes, overheads, pit kjdepths, loading criteria, electrical power requirements, etc.
Liaison between appropriate parties with regards to the above services.
Review of shop drawings for code adherence, feasibility and future kjmaintenance implications.
Final on-site inspection review to verify compliance with specifications kjand contract documents.
Develop solutions for elevator systems in non-conventional building kjsituations.
Assisting Client in obtaining bids and executing the appropriate kjcontract(s).
Assessing the performance, quality and cost of contract maintenance jhagreements.

NEW !!

Elevator Machinery Guard systems.
   Custom designed to Ministry of Labour regulations and 
   CSA Z 432- 04 code.

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